Graham Taylor - Publications and Papers

Books, Monographs

“Judicial Review: A New Zealand Perspective” (First Edition, 1991) (assisted by P J Radich)
    (Supplement, 1997)
    (Second Edition, to be published February-March 2010) (assisted by J K Gorman)
“Sim’s Court Practice” (contributor on Judicature Amendment Act 1972 and Part 30)
“Introduction to the Australian Legal Process” (1975) (with P J Brenner)

Chapters in Books

“Access to Justice” (1979, Mauro Cappelletti, ed) chapters on Australian access to justice and on small claims
“Access to Law” (1980, John Goldring, ed) chapter on challenging the administration
“Government Liability” (1989, Jon Bell, ed) chapter on damages claims in Australia
“Judicial Review in the 1980s: Problems and Perspectives” (1986, Michael Taggart, ed) chapter on review and appeal
“Locus Standi” (1979, Leslie Stein, ed) chapter on standing in constitutional litigation

Conference and Seminar Papers

International guest lecturer, Conference for 50th Jubilee of Founding the Supreme Court of Israel

“Administrative Law” (1996-1999; AIC Conferences) various subjects
"Administrative Law – The Changing Role of Government” (1989; NZ Law Society) (with J. F. Timmins)
“C.E.R. – The Business and Law Essentials” (1983; Legal Research Foundation) “NZ Exporters and the Australian Legal System”
International Association of Procedural Law     World Congresses (1977, 1981, 1985, 1986, 1991, 1995, 1999)
“Public and administrative Law” (2007-2010; LexisNexis NZ) various subjects
United Kingdom Colloquium of Comparative Law (1980, 1985)


[Selection from more than a score published]
“Individual Standing and the Public Interest” (1983) 2 Civil Justice Quarterly 353
“Judicial Review of Improper Purposes and Irrelevant Considerations [1976] Cambridge Law Journal 272
“Privacy and the Public” (1971) 34 Modern Law Review 288
“The Content of the Rule against Abuse of Rights in International Law” (1972-73) 46 British Year Book of International Law 323
“The Emerging Law of Industrial Property in the EEC – Some Recent Cases” (1977) 5 Australian Business Law Review 288
“The Limits of Judicial Review” (1986) 12 NZ Universities Law Review 178
“The New Administrative Law” (1977) 51 Australian Law Journal 804

Other Publications

“The Capital Letter” (co-editor, 1987-1992)
    Case note contributor in public law and procedure since 1992
“New Zealand Law Review” annual survey on administrative law 1991-2000

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